Hi, guys finally I’m back and have a chance now to update my blog.

So we travel in Paris last June 17, 2016, and our flight is in the evening so we want to be early in the airport and we arrive 6 in the evening so we expecting that we would not wait for so long, but then they announce that our flight is delayed and they change the gate we so confused, so we left London at 9 pm in the evening we are delayed for one hour I feel very bad because of that, and lucky someone steal my seat I should be the one sitting on the window but she said it’s okay for me where you want to seat I feel really bad for that,

Anyways guys let’s go back on my trip, I will now give the tips how you can afford cheap travel:

Planning the Trip
Visit for your holiday planning.
My hotel and flight is included for £368

Airline: Transavia
Tips: If you are planning to use this airline, there check in luggage is Free!!
so we were so happy into used this airline and you should check in early so
you can choose where you want to sit 🙂

Hotel: Hotel Renoir Saint Germain
Location: 39 Rue Du Montparnasse
Tips: Guys I will recommend this for a couple!! I don’t know how big their other room for the family
because the room is really small but all in all is perfect friendly staff and very accessible
for the transport and around the hotel is really perfect 🙂




Anyways guys I already upload my new video in my Paris trip check out my youtube channel #justcaleen don’t forget to subscribe


European blog & vlog to Achieve!!




I realize this Plan makes me excited and inspired every day just to think  I have some plan will happen step by step make me happier, I know it’s not easy especially when it comes to financial but I will do my best just to make it happen,

Yes sometimes I’m a bit worried because I should just work here and London and do my responsibility as the elder, earned money and save it but I don’t know why I feel I want to do this blog I want to do travel vlog and share it.

Thinking about the concept and everything makes me more excited that’s why whatever comes out in my head I really do write it and share it,

I am so happy when I share my thoughts and dreams my plan and everything.

but I am still worried if I can do this perfectly and successfully, it’s hard to admit but sometimes I just feel it , I don’t expect anything to what I’m doing I am just happy now that I am sharing and do writing everything that I can do now make me more inspired and I’m so thankful to God!

Thinking positive and support your family is the best thing in life!!

I need more of this!!




London Life !!!

I really wanna share this story for so long…… 


Since I live in London for almost one year now, one thing  I realize how it’s really hard that you were living far away from your family, Me and my husband has a conversation this afternoon when he starting living here, he said it’s really hard when you are alone special when you are not in your country, when he moved here and found a job every day his routine is going to work and sleep he never had a friend even in home where he lives he never talked to anyone because people in their home they are all working or maybe outside, I feel sad for him.

On my part, I am lucky because when he brings me here I already have him I have someone to talk but the difference is when he left for his work I left alone in the room.

I just want to share this because this is what I observe here in London, people are in hurry every step they made I feel it’s really important, the weather in London is really different from my country special when it’s winter.

My work here now is a call center I remember I talked to one client and I speak so fast he almost don’t understand what I’m saying, I been so many different people to before I get this job, I have boss before she’s from Italy and she speaks English really fast at first i feel so stress with her because I feel like she’s in hurry and one more thing someone interview me in one agency and she speaks fast too and lucky I get used to people who speak fast so I think I got this from them, sometimes I think what is the best thing I can do just don’t make stress myself and think too much, I see when i’m with my husband arms I feel better and safe.

The lesson from this: stay what you are before you left your country, don’t adapt what people doing around you especially when you feel crazy because to what they’re doing keep yourself calm or just close your eyes and remember things make you happy.

11 Days to go!!



11 Days to go and i’m so excited to my upcoming trip and 2nd year anniversary.

Now i am really positive to make my plan soon, i’m so excited to share my experience and taking video where i want to go this plan will be my debut on my travel blog on my youtube channel and of course new post here in my website, wishing the positi vibes and good weather when we travel.

This upcoming trip is so special because my birthday and 2nd marriage anniversary is coming too and we gonna celebrate it in Paris!! i am so blessed to be with my husband and he supporting me on my travel blog, i’m so lucky to have someone accompany me whenever i want to go, building a strong relationship and having a good best friend is one of the best thing in my life and i won’t wish for anything 🙂

Soon everything i will share and keep my reader inspired 🙂

Getting Ready for Travel Vlog


Getting ready for my travel vlog 🙂 this is it!! i’m so excited finally one of my wish list this year is happening,

How i get ready… I research first where i want to go and i know we will enjoy when you research of course you will learned and i am happy about that, so i want to know first how far the hotel where we gonna stay and of course the transportation is important too because we didn’t ask for car because my husband don’t know to how  drive and i already told about this trip i want to be cheap so if we gonna used taxi how much it cost we don’t want to lost money, anyway so i already search how far are we and what we can used when we will there just the problem is the time because we will arrive around 9pm in the evening so,me and my husband decided to take a train and we need to know how much is cost i just know how long the travel.

As of now i’m still keeping my self searching and watching to about travel vlogging i see how you really need to be Inspired and keep your self updating.

So we wish this trip we will be my first debut on travel vlog and we looking forward to for my next destination, so maybe soon we will be in barcelona and we hope to find cheaper one, but the one i’m really excited is in my country “PHILIPPINE” i will keep on updating and sharing my experience here! 🙂

Trip to Paris Budget



Hi everyone i just wanna share my upcoming trip to paris to spending my birthday and anniversary, i decided to post how we budget our trip because as of now i am jobless only my husband  is earning, i was upset because i really want to travel and to do my vlog of course it’s not easy to do and we pay rent here in london  and condominium in the philippines and one of my concern to is my family in the philippines that until now i supporting them, so for me budgeting is quite hard i don’t know why maybe i’m really bad when it comes to money.

Anyways but I’m doing my best to make this tripped cheap and we enjoyed.

So we decided to find a agency maybe we can find cheaper Flight and hotel, luckly i found this website Expedia, My Friend in home suggesting in Barcelona Spain, i do understand how beautiful Barcelona is but as of now we want this tripped to be cheaper and unforgettable and we already set our mind in paris, so comeback on planning this trip

we find this cheap flight and hotel for £183 per person and lucky they give as more so i choose the hotel name Hotel Renoir Saint Germain 8 miles aways from the airport it is really far but it’s okay, because i remember too when we going to hungary we don’t ask any agency and anyways my husband is from there so we really know how we budget the money.

I guess this Expedia website is really helpful, i just want to give a tip if you want to booked in there website and you find it quite hard to get cheaper or you feel you can’t do right call there customer service and tried to asked details and example you was calling them and tried to look to in there website before you booked because when i tried to do that while im looking in there website the customer service give to expensive price than in website so be little bit careful and smart 😉

Soon to Paris



Hi guys i will be on Paris on June 18 for my new blog post and to celebrate my Birthday and 2nd year anniversary with my husband, anyways we’re planning to visit the disneyland paris too and i’m hoping that we’ll really enjoyed there.

So i am hoping now to do more blogging and more active on my youtube channel i am now starting to learned the business online, i decided to do travelling and food tasting i have my concert review so anyone can now watch on my youtube channel JUSTCALEEN.

I am now asking you guys maybe you can help me where to go and what more i can improve on my blog.






Finally For so many months that we plan to visit Brighton!!

Hi guys so here’s my new adventure here in london and it’s because my husband off in his work place we plan to visit and unwind in Brighton, it was a long travel going there because we live in north london and we we’re far from the underground.

So when we arrive in king’s Cross the ticket teller said that the train going to Brighton is not gonna stop there and we need to go to Blackfriars Station so if you planning to visit Brighton you should go straight in Blackfriars, and it’s because not peak season the ticket is so cheap we pay £26 for Round Trip. 

Anyway I just Realize  now that we use the Thameslink it means it’s a lot of stop and that’s why my travel is so long, so guys make sure if you want to travel cheap you can use Thameslink but if you want one hour travel you can use Express and First Class, I saw that the Express it has 3 stop but i am not sure with the first class and the express is the last station is London Victoria,  so i think it’s better to use this one.

So when we arrived in Brighton the one caught on me is lot’s of chinese restaurant arround, for me it was fine because i really like chinese food anyways it’s not important i just want to share 😉  when you guys arrive in the Brighton Station you can just walk straight and you will see the beach or if you are lazy and want to see more of it you can used bus and lots of taxi on the train station.




The weather in Brighton is quite crazy, it was little bit windy and cold  (anyways it’s because spring ) even its cold and cloudy that day I still want to lessen my stress in the city and have some fresh air  and i am happy that i found peace there and for 5 minutes i feel the sun on my face, i got chance to lay down on the stone and take a rest for a minute, I so much enjoyed it because i feel that the stone massage me i don’t feel it was hurt when i lay down actually i so much enjoy!!



What exactly I like in Brighton is the souvenirs and the small store locate at the seaside of   the beach different kind of gallery and paintings that i saw and i so much enjoyed it because of their creativity.





First time in snow


I just wanna share my trip in hungary last january, it was a long holiday and winter i was so happy because for straight work last christmas i got a chance to have may holiday and spend it in hungary szolnok where my husband hometown.

the first time that we plan it i said to may husband i want to experience white christmas of course something new to me and there’s no snow in my country, anyway so when we travel in szolnok he’s family plan that they want me to bring in the in MATRA Mountain


The matra mountain was really beautiful that day and i didn’t expect how it’s really high i was so happy because its my first time to try basic activities in snow like sliding and making snowball and i really enjoy that day i am so blessed because my husband and his family bring me here and spend time with me.

Activities we do is just to slide in snow because this is just what i can do and maybe they just think is this is what I’m looking for, even i want to ski i can’t because i don’t know how and it’s expensive i guess, i didn’t ask my husband because i don’t have a chance and i was enjoying the view of the mountain it was really nice experience of my and my feelings was so great because this dream just its happen and i never expected

The things what i learned in my life is be patient and keep dreaming for yourself and for your family and i was so blessed because everyone’s around me is supporting me.

anyways here’s some pictures that i can share


IMG_0487 - Copy.JPG


i will upload to my video on my youtube channel 😉

If you want tips from me and how you can make your trip cheaper just leave a comment and i will give a answer 😉