Improving My Blog!


Hey, guys, how are you it’s been a long time, I was really busy after my Paris trip! and here I am again I just want to let everyone know that I’m still doing my travel vlog and I am really looking forward to this but as of now I am looking for someone to help me on my vlog and how can i improve more, we all know that you need to spend for the travel so for me now its quite hard but I am positive that I will be on my track soon, so for my next destination would be my country PHILIPPINES and i am looking forward for that as of now my Europe travel is postponed because of the work our things is limited to everyone who’s waiting for my Europe trip I am really sorry but I am sure soon I will do this just be positive what i can do right now is to improve and website and making plan for my upcoming holiday

For now I will just post for in my youtube channel is what I am doing and of course, London where I am now so upcoming new post soon.

I am really happy with those people living a comment who are interested in doing the same its keep me motivating to do my hobbies and giving people tips how they can travel with cheap and not so expensive so everyone can do same.

I will post later about my country tourist spot where you think you will guys enjoy so please watch out on my website or on my youtube channel it won’t take long

I will do my best to be more active…




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