London Life !!!

I really wanna share this story for so long…… 


Since I live in London for almost one year now, one thing  I realize how it’s really hard that you were living far away from your family, Me and my husband has a conversation this afternoon when he starting living here, he said it’s really hard when you are alone special when you are not in your country, when he moved here and found a job every day his routine is going to work and sleep he never had a friend even in home where he lives he never talked to anyone because people in their home they are all working or maybe outside, I feel sad for him.

On my part, I am lucky because when he brings me here I already have him I have someone to talk but the difference is when he left for his work I left alone in the room.

I just want to share this because this is what I observe here in London, people are in hurry every step they made I feel it’s really important, the weather in London is really different from my country special when it’s winter.

My work here now is a call center I remember I talked to one client and I speak so fast he almost don’t understand what I’m saying, I been so many different people to before I get this job, I have boss before she’s from Italy and she speaks English really fast at first i feel so stress with her because I feel like she’s in hurry and one more thing someone interview me in one agency and she speaks fast too and lucky I get used to people who speak fast so I think I got this from them, sometimes I think what is the best thing I can do just don’t make stress myself and think too much, I see when i’m with my husband arms I feel better and safe.

The lesson from this: stay what you are before you left your country, don’t adapt what people doing around you especially when you feel crazy because to what they’re doing keep yourself calm or just close your eyes and remember things make you happy.

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